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September 1, Chicago, Illinois Davenport’s Piano Bar (Songs & Stories) 8pm

Date: September 1 Ticket: Click this link for tickets

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NWA movie coming out

It moves my heart to see the NWA movie coming out, for several reasons… 1. Arguably one of the greatest hip hop groups to ever emerge, NWA truly originated that gangsta shit. But digging deeper, “Straight Outta Compton” brought to

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Enjoyed myself greatly in Kamyshlov, Russia

Whats up everyone! Been a minute…got to get you these updates! Enjoyed myself greatly in Kamyshlov, Russia earlier this month, doing a live set of my music and getting a chance to do some DJing as well. Catch a glimpse

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Getting ready to head to Russia

Peace everybody! Been a minute…many great things going down! Getting ready to head to Russia to headline and DJ major festival there in August, so hyped up for that…also recently had the honoy of being DJ for the James Brown

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Approaching my first show of 2014

Approaching my first show of 2014 at the Blue Note, this Saturday night at midnight…..super hyped up about the possibilities….creating a brand new sound, brand new songs, brand new style…feeling like taking the people to a new place…ya’ll ready? Be

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Happy New Year everybody!!

Happy New Year everybody!! Hope all is well…looking forward to having a bunch of amazing shows this year,going some new directions musically, personally, etc. Going to be performing all throughout the US this spring promoting my new album..stay posted! Much

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“Love You Up” is now available to see on Youtube

Peace, and mo peace to you, as we enter this holiday season…wanted to let you all know that my new video/single “Love You Up” is now available to see on Youtube, and to buy on Itunes! Hoping you are planning

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I will debut my latest single, “Love You Up”

What’s goin on everybody! This Monday night, I will debut my latest single, “Love You Up” from my forthcoming album during an online interview with Michaela TV Live! Tune into from 8-10pm EST this Monday, September 30th to see

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Beautiful birthday I had this year

What a truly truly blessed and beautiful birthday I had this year…I really appreciate those whose came out and celebrated with me Saturday night, those whose brought gifts, those who called, texted, emailed, tweeted, and FB’d me….unfortunately it was way

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Love U Up coming soon

Hope all is peace with you…. Been doing much more posting on Facebook ( twitter (, so excuse my lack of website blogging! In the middle of an incredible tour with the great Talib Kweli….writing from LA at the moment

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